Saturday, August 22, 2009

Felted Mini Totes

These fun little totes knitted up quickly and required me to learn a new technique as the bottoms are square. I learned to pick up stitches!

I think they would make a great little gift bag. I can already see holiday colors and maybe embellishing them with decorative buttons and/or gems. If I start now I might have enough for myself as well as a few to sell since some of my online friends have expressed an interest in my felted knits.


I did learn a valuable lesson from this project. I made four bags in total and felted them two at a time, the first two came out great (at least I think so) while the second two were a tad to "fuzzy" and looked worn. What caused the difference in the final result when everything appeared to be the same? The first two were felted in separate pillow cases and the others were felted in separate mesh laundry bags. I tried the laundry bags after spotting them at the dollar store, I remembered reading in a book that this is what the author used. I honestly believe that the bags are better protected in the pillow cases and will be using them from now on, maybe the mesh bags could be used inside one laundry bag - keeping them separate from each other but still protected.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Playing with Yarn

Yes, I'm still playing with yarn and having lots of fun with it. I recently made a drawstring bag and a small bag. The small bag was just made from the left over yarn from my first project, I wanted to make a test piece as I have never felted anything on my own. It was a success!

Feeling confident that I could do this on my own I decided to try a drawstring bag. It required me to knit button holes for the drawstring which was a new technique for me. I think it turned out okay, would have been better without the "fizz". Time to move on and get over the fizz!

Before felting...

After felting ....

Thursday, July 2, 2009

My First Felted Knit

So I've been learning to knit, its been a slow process and not something that got my full attention. I have a friend who is teaching me and she's been great. The goal of this project was for me to learn how to knit and how to felt it when it was done. There was no pattern to follow as we were just going with the flow and taking it step by step.

I used Lamb's Pride which is 85% Wool 15% Mohair and the color is Ocean Waves, made by Brown Sheep Company.

I'm pleasantly surprised by the outcome and just love the color, the tropical fizz adds a fun touch. I'm not sure what it is exactly ... to round to be a purse, handles to long to be a basket - hmmmm maybe I'll use it as my new knitting basket.

This was a fun learning experience and can't wait to jump into the next project. My friend and knitting teacher will be on vacation for 5 weeks so I'm flying solo on this next one. I think I'll try a purse or a pillow from the book Felted Knits. I need a simple pattern as I'm not 100% sure what all these abbreviation mean yet. Wish me luck!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Birthday Goddess

I started out with wanting to make my mom a Birthday Goddess. The plan was to make a wire and bead goddess but we all know what happens when we plan things, don't we? It ended up in the trash, it just wasn't working - I think I need different wire. So back to the drawing board I went ...

I finally came up with the one pictured above - she is made from foamcore. I printed a pattern onto paper, traced it onto the foamcore and cut it out with a craft knife. Applied colored tissue paper and dry brushed Luminere paint to give it some sparkle. Then I layered on some homemade paper to resemble a skirt and tied some fibers around her waist. My mom has a big heart so I thought her goddess should have one too. This one was made from heated and stamped fun foam that was cut out and painted. Above her head she holds wire which I twisted and added some stones to. I went with a green theme to represent May's birthstone of Emerald.

Happy Birthday Mom!

Oh BTW the idea to use foamcore came from the March/April 2002 issue of Somerset Studio

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Tin Lizzy

Okay so maybe its not tin but I just liked the sound of "Tin Lizzy"...

I've had this big black metal CD rack that resembles a lizard hanging on my wall for years. I loved it when I first bought it oh about 12 years ago but it has been begging me to just "do something" with it for awhile now. So I took it down, gave it some paint and I plan to hang it outside as a planter.

I'm thinking about screwing one of those square pots behind it near the bottom, maybe some ivy or a vining flower to climb up the lizard - hmmmmm, any thoughts?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

She's at it again!

Yup, I'm at it again, I'm moving my creative space. Hopefully this time it will feel right and just be full of inspiration and creativity.

As you may recall the last move gave me my own space and by the windows, I had everything pretty organized and felt happy with my space until ... DH invaded my space and took over. The space has become total chaos to me and I can't even go in there without getting upset and feeling overwhelmed.

I'm tired of feeling uninspired, I want to make things, I want to get back to exploring my creative side but for that I need to have the appropriate space. Of course the space won't be 100% mine, when you have kids nothing is ever yours alone but I don't mind sharing my space with them because my boys are an inspiration. As a matter of fact they are at art class right now with Ms Carroll, she's awesome and I would love to be able to stay and play too!

I recently tried to jump back into one of my yahoo groups, thought I would try to make something for the monthly lottery - "green and gold" was the theme, but for the life of me I couldn't get it to click. Every combo of those two colors ended reminding me of Christmas and not spring, I just could not make it work.

Then there was my parents 40th wedding anniversary last week, I was going to make something for that but again just could not make it work. So its time for a change and hopefully a fresh start with lots of inspiration. Right now I'm in limbo and still have to reorganize and finish moving everything. For someone who claims to not have many art supplies I sure have managed to collect alot of "stuff".


Monday, February 23, 2009

Something New

Yes, I'm learning something new ... I'm learning to knit.

A friend of mine makes these wonderful creations, she knits and then felts them. Honestly I had no idea what felting was until she opened my eyes. I always thought felted items were just cut and stitched from pieces of felt you got at the craft store. I had no idea how much work goes into something like this - amazing!

I think I was supposed to be making a chick for Easter but I haven't had my second lesson yet so I've just keep on knitting and probably have gone beyond what was needed for the chick. I still kinda feel like I'm "all thumbs" but after a few rows I can usually get a good rhythm going.

Stay tuned for my knitting adventures ...


Friday, February 20, 2009

Be Creative!

Creativity is a great motivator because it makes people interested in what they are doing. Creativity gives hope that there can be a worthwhile idea. Creativity gives the possibility of some sort of achievement to everyone. Creativity makes life more fun and more interesting.

Edward de Bono

Suddenly I have the urge to do something creative today - hmmmm...

Saturday, February 7, 2009


Yes, its me - I'm here and I'm back online finally. Well kinda, I'm using painfully slow dial up (hey its cheep) so my online time is limited. I want to thank all of you who have left me comments and sent emails. I honestly do miss being a part of the altered art world.

Yesterday the kids were coloring at the table, my oldest had my Sharpies out - I figured someone might as well use them since I hadn't been brave enough to do any doodling with them. Well they were calling to me so I gave in and picked up two, grabbed some index cards that were sitting on the table. At first I found the size of the card odd and uncomfortable to work on. So I got out my paper cutter and blew the dust off of it, cut the cards into 2x2 squares. Then picked up a red ultra fine Sharpie and started to just doodle.

Wow, I actually did it - made something freehand without a plan, I just did it :)

That felt good so I got another 2x2 square and started with the black Sharpie and then the red. This one involved some thinking after the first few lines were made but still was pretty free form.

There I did it, I finally used my Sharpies, aren't you proud of me?