Saturday, August 22, 2009

Felted Mini Totes

These fun little totes knitted up quickly and required me to learn a new technique as the bottoms are square. I learned to pick up stitches!

I think they would make a great little gift bag. I can already see holiday colors and maybe embellishing them with decorative buttons and/or gems. If I start now I might have enough for myself as well as a few to sell since some of my online friends have expressed an interest in my felted knits.


I did learn a valuable lesson from this project. I made four bags in total and felted them two at a time, the first two came out great (at least I think so) while the second two were a tad to "fuzzy" and looked worn. What caused the difference in the final result when everything appeared to be the same? The first two were felted in separate pillow cases and the others were felted in separate mesh laundry bags. I tried the laundry bags after spotting them at the dollar store, I remembered reading in a book that this is what the author used. I honestly believe that the bags are better protected in the pillow cases and will be using them from now on, maybe the mesh bags could be used inside one laundry bag - keeping them separate from each other but still protected.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Playing with Yarn

Yes, I'm still playing with yarn and having lots of fun with it. I recently made a drawstring bag and a small bag. The small bag was just made from the left over yarn from my first project, I wanted to make a test piece as I have never felted anything on my own. It was a success!

Feeling confident that I could do this on my own I decided to try a drawstring bag. It required me to knit button holes for the drawstring which was a new technique for me. I think it turned out okay, would have been better without the "fizz". Time to move on and get over the fizz!

Before felting...

After felting ....