Saturday, March 29, 2008

Fun Foam Embellishments

I had some free time this afternoon and decided to try a technique from Sherrill Kahn's book Creative Embellishments For Paper, Jewelry, Fabric, and More. I used some black fun foam, my heat tool, stamps and some metallic paints. Things didn't turn out as good as expected but remember this was only my first attempt at something like this.

These pendants were not a success for me as I had a very hard time getting the foam to stick to itself before it melted into a bubbly mess. I did not attempt making beads since I was having trouble with this technique. So I moved on to some small square embellishments that I'm pretty pleased with. They will make a nice embellishment on something.

What did I learn from all of this?
I need a better assortment of stamps that are deep etched so that it will work with this technique. I actually raided my kids stamps for the small square ones. Good thing they weren't home.

I need a better assortment of paints. I own one color of Lumiere paint and one small bottle of copper acrylic. I'm sure my end results would have been better if I had more paint choices. Adding to my supplies list just keeps getting longer and longer. Who is nice enough to send me a gift certificate to Dick Blick or another one of the many online suppliers? Hey a girl can dream, can't she?

Will I use fun foam again? You bet I will, after all it was fun : )

Creative Embellishments is a wonderful book and I highly recommend it. I don't usually buy books since funds are limited and I would rather save it for supplies but this is one investment I don't regret. I'm very happy with the book and I know I will learn alot from it. I just love Sherrill Kahn's style!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Button Fairy Swap

Recently I hosted my very first swap, it was a learning experience for sure! But what an honor it was to receive all these wonderful button dolls from all the girls in the group. The hardest part was sending them back out. I was really tempted to keep them all and skip town : )

Here are my three for the Button Fairy Swap. They are alot of fun to make!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

ATC Mingle: Numbers

Here is my entry for the bi-weekly mingle on Altered Start. The base is a regular playing card which was overlayed with dress pattern tissue. I added some inks and some embossing powder then added the two butterflies and the letter B which was also embossed on the edges.

I used my new Xyron 150 to adhere the butterflies. I picked it up on sale at for under $10 and let me tell you this was the best $10 I ever spent. This thing is great, I know I will need to look into getting a bigger one for larger projects. Quick, easy and no messy glue. There is a fair amount of waste but I know I'll find a way to make use of the extra as well.

I'm adding a Xyron to the "Must Have" list for sure!

You Make My Day Award!

Jill, at Elinors Closet, surprised me with the "You Make My Day Award!"

The rules for the "You Make My Day" award are to re-present it to 10 people whose blogs bring you happiness, inspiration and make you feel happy about blog land. Let them know through e-mail or by posting a comment on their blog so they can pass it on. Beware you may get the award several times, and if you do, consider yourself really, really loved. So to pass it on and keep the love going ~ here are 10 of the 100's of blogs that keep me inspired and bring a smile to my face. Please check them out when you have a few minutes...perhaps there are some new friends to be made!

Here are my 10:







Suzi Blu




Friday, March 7, 2008


I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.

-- Confucius (Chinese Philosopher) 551-479 B.C.