Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ladder Scarf

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I knitted this cute little ladder scarf one afternoon/evening - it was a fun and quick knit using a dropped stitch which was new to me. Awkward at first but really got the hang of it and now I love doing the drop stitch.

Unfortunately I was just "playing" and grabbed a ball of yarn that I only had one of so the scarf is short, maybe it will work for a child. I'm also not sure of the type of yarn I used since I no longer had the label but I think it is a chenille by Lion Brand. It is soft and warm!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Felted Knit Bowl

I made this felted knit bowl along with the vase that was previously posted from the same yarn.  The bowl looks much better, the vase did not stripe like the bowl did.  Will have to adjust the pattern to fix this next time since I still have more of this type of yarn to use up.

The yarn:  Patons Classic Wool in Rosewood

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Felted Knit Vase

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I recently made this felted knit vase using Patons Classic Wool in Rosewood. This was my first time using this yarn, it was all they had available locally.  I'm not so crazy about it, I've been spoiled learning to knit with Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride wool.  Still good to try new things!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Holiday Thank You Notes

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I haven't done much this past year, my hands have just been to sore to really enjoy doing anything.  I'm really missing my yahoo groups and chatting with crafty and artsy folks.  I miss sharing ideas and I miss being inspired by you all.  However I did manage to toss together a few holiday thank you notes for some friends.  It felt good to make something even it was a simple project of painted, stamped paper and torn cardstock.

Legs For Brian

Legs for Brian

Please take the time to read Legs For Brian ...

Yes I personally know this family and it is heartbreaking to see those around you suffer. I have been to their house, I have seen Brian crawl around ... There is no reason why any human should be allowed to suffer like this. Animals are treated better in most cases. Please share this and lets try and get Brian the help he needs!

How can people come together to help those in other countries but we let our friends and neighbors suffer? How can our government help those in other countries but ignore the needs of those in our own country?

Please pass this along, twitter, facebook. blogs, media ... whatever. Lets get Brian some help from someone who has the ability to help him!

Much thanks!