Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I just had to blog and let you all know that a dear friend of mine has been published and for a great cause too! Michelle of 3rd Eye Muse writes . . .

You might and might not know, but I participated in the creation of an Art Doll to benefit the Susan G Komen for the cure Foundation. The project was spearheaded by a woman named Monica Magness. She made a call to artists requesting that people create a 2 inch square to be used on the art doll – ultimately there were a total of 182 artists that responded and contributed to the creation of not only the doll (aptly named Love Squared), but other artsy items for a drawing. The doll has made a trip to Art Doll Quarterly where it was photographed and featured in their Autumn 2008 issue (pages 50 – 53) and has since made her way back to Monica’s home. The drawing is already in progress, but if you are interested in getting your name into the drawing (will be entered two times for every $10.00 donation) it will remain open until October 15, 2008.

For details, please visit: http://girl-gone-thread-wild.blogspot.com/2008/05/pink-artist-drawing-august-1-october-15.html - the web page includes ways to make donations, a more detailed story of how the project happened, links to all the squares submitted and so much more!

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3rdEyeMuse said...

you're the BEST! thank you. :)