Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Doubter

I was just reading an old issue of Artist's Sketchbook from June 2002 and there is an article about your Creative Personality. Yup you guessed it I found mine, nailed it on the head, couldn't have put it any better myself. Now how to I overcome this and move forward?

The Doubter
Motto: "Me? Creative? HA!"

The Doubter would love to be creative, but she's scared of looking stupid. Depending on her nature, she'll take one or two approaches to art. Impatient types might try something new, but if it doesn't seem to be going the way they hoped, they give up on it. More tentative personalities don't even get that far. Convinced of their lack of artistic ability, they wait ...and wait ... for inspiration to strike and just the right project to come along. Harrumphs and deep sighs are the hallmarks of Doubters.

So there you have that's me as far as my creative ability goes, I'm a Doubter. Everyone else in my family has that creative gene but for some strange reason I wasn't there the day they were being given out. I must have lost my invitation or maybe I just wasn't invited.

The article goes on to suggest some "creativity boosters" and one of them happens to be getting a kit like a paint by numbers or something along the lines I might buy for my own kids. Its supposed to take the pressure off. What?

If I can't handle a paint by numbers and it looks like something my 5 year old would do then that's even worse and I would really feel stupid then. That's the reason why I pursued Altered Arts because for me there seemed to be no rules to follow and I could take something and make it into something else and call it art.

But that's where the Doubter in me comes out to play again and I need to stop comparing myself to others and just have fun with it and to not worry about what others think. Yeah, easier said then done, huh?

Tune in next week for my next excuse as to why I just don't haven't been doing anything creative...

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3rdEyeMuse said...

sad, so sad ... I have seen what you are capable of. give yourself a break, already!

just like anything else that's worth doing, it just takes practice - active participation - practice. what about trying one of the Soul Journals? I have a link to Caspiana's sight (but you have to go to July) and Kathryn over at Collage Diva has been having the most excellent prompts with ideas and actual method instructions ... do something to PRACTICE.

big hugs! ~M~