Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Update on Fay

Fay made landfall early this morning near Marco Island which is a few hours south of us so we are very thankful to have dodged yet another one!

Tropical Storm Fay did not become a hurricane as predicted but there is still a chance that can happen as she makes her way across the state and emerges into the Atlantic Ocean. Some models show Fay sitting off the coast of northern Florida and strengthening before she heads back across Florida again. This is due to a system to the north.

Fay has been moving through Florida for about 10 hours now and has shown no sign of weakening with winds still at 65mph.

Did we get rain and wind? Nope not much at all, a little breezy with a few good gusts and a few drops of rain earlier today that barely wet the driveway. Been watching the radar all morning and its right there all that rain just a few miles away but here on the coast we are dry.


Rebekah said...

Good for you. On that screen shot, the center was just below my county (the little zig zag line)- and about 30 miles south. Boy we got rain, and probably still more tomorrow!

Glad you are safe!

Kim said...

I'm glad you dodged this one, stay safe!

3rdEyeMuse said...

wasn't that an odd one? we've had more rain since she passed! lol