Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Lets play a game!

Its called: Where's my Muse?

Kinda like an I Spy game or those old Where's Waldo games, you remember those don't you?

I've gotten alot of people asking how come I haven't been doing art. And to be honest life just has me feeling down in the dumps these days and uninspiring. I blame it on a combination of things really but for the sake of this post lets just blame it on my DH. Why not we tend to blame others when things aren't going our way, right?

Awhile back my DH complained he didn't have a place in the house to work on things. When in all due respect he has a 2.5 car garage that I can't park a car in or even walk in for that matter. But still that's not good enough, its to hot out there he complained. Fine I can agree with that after all this is Florida.

So long story short, he ended up taking over my space. Now granted it wasn't over night but it did happen rather quickly. At first I was able to work around him, just going back there to get my "stuff" and creating in the kitchen instead. But as time went on his stuff just seemed to multiply until I finally lost my muse in the mess.

So if anyone can find her please post and let me know where she is. I know she's hiding in there somewhere!

Before Pictures of my space taken in December 2007 shortly after I set it all up, A place just for me. I deserve it don't i?

The AFTER pictures taken last week. Can you find my muse?


The Paris Salon said...

OOOOH Danielle....
I see the problem. I'll have to think on a possible solution for you and get back to you privately. I can't find your muse in there either!!
He can't have a workspace in the garage?? I know it's hot in there, but in our garage my hubby has fans and waits till the evening to go out there...
You do NEED and DESERVE your space ~ don't wait 20+ years for it, as I did.

Anonymous said...

What a transition! Even the table cloth has changed in the process... I feel your pain, my husband is exactly the same way...I can offer you a suggestion...find a challenge blog and hit it with both feet! Also I would consider getting a small second hand table and putting it in the farthest corner and setting up an area for him...Watch how he fixis it up when he knows it is only for him! Gina

wahm922 said...

Thanks for the comments and emails - it helps to share, really it does. I'm almost feeling inspired. I have had a few ideas about moving my space but I'm kinda being stubborn as I don't want to have to move "my things" KWIM?

The space is just one of the factors holding me back from my art right now so I have other issues to work on as well. But hey, now its out there and I'm not hiding anymore - so keep pushing me!

trisha too said...

oh, Danielle, your muse is where ever YOU are! Just sit down and make yourself make something--it doesn't even matter if you like what you make, at least you will have let the poor little girl out of her box!

okay, it's kind of messing with my head--we kind of look alike, we homeschool, and i maybe possibly can be a little stubborn, too . . . are you my Florida twin?

;) go on--go make something! :)

3rdEyeMuse said...

oh ... I'd lose more than my muse in that space! so, so, so very sorry. you do need a place just for you ... hmmm ... and Trisha is right - your muse really is wherever you are. am feelin for you & hoping you get your space SOON.

Peggy Baron said...

Hmmm... just use your arm to sweep all his stuff into a box and you'll have a clean work station to get started!

Seriously though, start something... anything... and your muse will be there again.

P.S. I wish my husband had a hobby.

AudreyO said...

Wondering if you can quietly, not telling him, set up a new spot somewhere???? Just don't let him know this time :)