Sunday, August 17, 2008

Here she comes!

Tropical Storm Fay is on her way to the gulf coast of Florida but where she lands is still a mystery. I've been watching her since Friday night and there's no doubt we'll be getting wet here in my little piece of paradise.

The track or the "cone of uncertainty" as they call it has remained pretty consistent these past 36 hours. Sure its moved left to right and north to south a bit but not much so we are getting prepared and making plans. Its still early, there are factors that will affect where Fay goes so we aren't taking any action at this point but yes like any boyscout will tell you "be prepared" and we are for the most part.

As of 8am on Sunday (8/17) Fay was located just south of Cuba at 20.0 N 78.0 W with winds at 50mph and guts up to 65mph and moving WNW at 12mph.

This indicates that Fay has slowed a bit since yesterday where she was moving at 14mph and was moving West. The WNW motion shows she is starting to turn but slowly.

Tropical Storm Fay is expected to become a hurricane once it hits the very warm waters in the Gulf of Mexico.

For updated information on Tropical Storm Fay please watch you local news and check the Nation Hurricane Center's up to date reports at NOAA online. The Weather Channel is also a good source of info as they have reporters in different areas of Florida including the Keys which will be affected first and give us an indication of what to expect.

To all my Florida friends - be safe!

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