Saturday, February 9, 2008

Back to Basics - ATC Workshop

This month we started an ATC Workshop on The Artist Circle yahoo group. Week 1 the assignment was to make 3 part ATC's consisting of only the background, focal image and one embellishment.

After all I've learned in my creative journey up until now had to be forgotten as I was going back to basics by focusing on the use of these 3 items. Turned out it was easier then expected. Yes I wanted to add more to them but at the same time I was able to stop at just these 3 elements.

Week 2 we get to finish them if we want and then we get to experiment with Folded ATC's. But shhhhhhh - don't tell anyone I never did finish the first project which was a Tag Booklet. Oh I plan to finish it just haven't yet. I've got all the steps done and my theme picked out now its just a matter of putting it all together. Why is is always so hard for me to finalize my projects? Maybe I'm afraid of the outcome or maybe that I'll mess them up on that last step?

I did make a bookmark for a friend using the techniques I learned from the Tag Book project so yes I am learning and using these techniques, just not actually taking that last step. I'll post a picture of my bookmark after Valentine's as I wouldn't want to ruin the surprise : )


gulfsprite said...

I love your ATCs. The girls just look so sweet and fresh. I can't wait to see what you do with them next.

Your tags are lovely. I did not want to finish my tags either. I thought they were perfect as is. I did finish them though and gave the completed booklet as a gift. I'll tell you a secret too... I made so many I still have enough for another full booklet. I'll use them later but for now I just like to get them out and look at them :)

Jillian said...

Hi Danielle! Good luck on the workshop. It looks like it's off to a great start. Your tags are gorgeous.