Monday, June 23, 2008

Technique Tuesday: Fun Foam ATC

I recently wrote a new Technique Tuesday for Altered_stArt, I really enjoy doing these for the group. This one uses Fun Foam which is easily available, you can even get it at most dollar stores now so you can save yourself a trip to the craft store. That's where I got these great fun foam letters that were already sticky so no glue was needed. You can cut your own shapes from the sheets of fun foam as well.

My original tutorial is posted to the group as a PDF file so I decided to do a photo sideshow for my blog which is posted below. If you click on a picture it will take you to the album where you can see the comments on how I did this technique. Enjoy!

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3rdEyeMuse said...

how cool - thanks for posting the tutorial. :)

yep, I think we do work pretty well together, thanks. happy anniversary - do you think he's going to do something next month? kind of a bummer, but it's got to be tough with the distance and all. I hope you do post a wedding pic - I'd love to see one (or ten). :)